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CD Review Bernardine – Bernardine

Posted on the 22 May 2015 by Tomatrax @TomatraxAU


This is album number two from Perth’s Bernardine! The music has a nice indie folk feel to it. There is a soft and chilled out rural style atmosphere that flows through the songs making you feel like you are traveling through the Australian country side. On top of this are some sharp witted lyrics delivered with a feeling that is both passionate and strong while also having a relaxed, humorous, side to it.

The album opens with the soft indie-pop sounds of Day by day. Sounding like Sarah Blasko crossed with the Go-Betweens, a sweet earthy atmosphere is created. Hide and seek is a  curious indie folk tune that begins in a dark and chilling manner before brightening up and become a more lively dancey tune. This follows the use of the hide and seek game as a metaphor for relationships moving from the dark defeatist views flowing on to the more upbeat optimistic light, or perhaps irony as it ends with the line “I’m getting good at getting away”. The instrumentation provides for a strong and vibrant rural feel while the sharp lyrics provide a vivid narrative.

Nightmares is a sweet poppy tune helped along by bright vocals and a deep violin acting as the song’s backbone. Daylight savings is a melancholic but beautiful offering. The low down guitars paired with the subdued violins create a bleak soundscape. This feeling is further enhanced by the heartbreaking vocals. Together this creates a deep cold feel felt throughout!

The album closes with I don’t mind, a brighter and more catchy tune. The music skips along almost playfully with a blast of color all over. This is topped off by Bernadine’s upbeat yet laid back vocals creating a carefree and relaxed vibe.

This is quite a sweet and endearing debut offering. Bernardine is very clever with her use of musical sounds creating bright vibrance, a vivd atmosphere, and a great balance of emotion and relaxation. As a result the album offers some stunning indie folk songs that achieve the best of many worlds!

Check out Bernardine’s website to find out more!

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