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CD Review: 10 Years – (How to Live) as Ghosts

Posted on the 03 November 2017 by Tomatrax @TomatraxAU
CD Review: 10 Years – (How to live) as ghosts

Tennessee Rockers 10 Years have returned with album number eight. With their previous record being alluded to as a swan song and the return of Brian Vodinh and Matt Wantlan, this album acts like something of a second coming for the group.

The album sees 10 Years pick up from where they left off and building on and further defining their own sound. There is a great deal of rocking energy which is matched with a calm and smooth atmospheric backdrop.

'The messenger' slams its way in with a barrage of loud metal backed with a deep atmospheric backdrop. The song charges along at great pace building up in energy and intensity as it thrashes through. 'Novacaine' is a thumping rock tune with subtle elements of Faith No More in the mix. The breathy but calm vocals give the track a cool kind of charisma that it driven along by the powerful sounds belted out.

'Catacombs' is a more upbeat offering, with the music moving about brightly while maintaining the tight energy.
'Ghosts' is a somber, metal ballad with a slower deeper sound in the vein of Tool's softer moments.
'Blood red sky' is a deeper atmospheric tune that takes you out into a vast desert space! There is a certain calm yet energetic vibe that is experiences here creating an endearing experience.

'Phantoms' is a dark but smooth metal tune. The song charges along in a slow but steady page picking up a great slow burning roar.
'Lucky you' puts out some slow cold metal vibes creating an unnerving soundscape.

The album closes with the blasting fuzzy rocking sounds of 'Insomnia'.

This is a great collection of atmospherically roaring metal tunes. 10 years have continued to put out their very own brand of metal that is full of oomph!

Check out 10 Years' website to find out more!

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