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CBO Warns of Climate Change’s Budget Impact – POLITICO

By Garry Rogers @Garry_Rogers

CBO warns of climate change’s budget impact – POLITICOClimate Change Recognized by The Congressional Budget Office

The CBO is warning lawmakers about the fiscal risks of climate change, putting the studiously non-partisan agency at odds with Republican Party orthodoxy.

The report, released as hurricane season begins, warns that hurricane damage will “increase significantly in the coming decades” due to climate change. The agency added that humans are playing a role in fueling rising temperatures and a shifting climate.

“Human activities around the world — primarily the burning of fossil fuels and widespread changes in land use — are producing growing emissions of greenhouse gases,” the report states. “Experts in the scientific community have concluded that a portion of those emissions are absorbed by the oceans, but a substantial fraction persists in the atmosphere for centuries, trapping heat and warming the Earth’s atmosphere.”

Source: CBO warns of climate change’s budget impact – POLITICO


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