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Caught in the Act

By Mismisleyson
Yesterday, February 1, 2013 was definitely a terrible day for me. At 6:00 in the evening I was driving along Pioneer Avenue and suddenly made a left turn and immediately a right turn at a Pedestrian Lane to a video store. (Yes!I know I violated the traffic rules) It was my habit to use the said lane to make a short cut going to the said store. But last night really made my night! I got caught! Although I admitted it, I signed the T.O.P. and I did not deny it. But one thing I really wanna know is that WHY DO TRAFFIC ENFORCERS HIDE FROM THE MOTORISTS? (Literally - they hide from the dark and beside the tree) And they just appear when they can actually catch a traffic violator - like what happened to me.

But right after I rented some DVD's at the store, another traffic violator passed just beside them. They tried to call the motorist, but when it didn't stop, THEY JUST LET HIM GO! Traffic Enforcers are also public servants. What kind of public service is that? During their hour of work, they hide in the dark and just wait for someone to violate. I read an article in the internet, that in Metro Manila traffic enforcers are not allowed to stand together in group of two (2) or more. They are only allowed to group in to 2 or more during special operations. Is this also applicable in most cities?

Anyway, whether or not it is applicable or not in all cities, the two traffic enforcers I encountered last night was for me an act of abuse. I literally judged their work last night as a tactic to catch more prey! Although they are catching the traffic violators, but why hide in the dark in the middle of your field assignment. To have time to increase the bribe so no one can see what you’re doing? Well, I’ll leave it to all the readers. And I’ll leave you with my advice, we should all be wary of what’s happening in the streets. Who knows those notorious and abusive traffic enforcers are lurking just behind you standing and hiding in the dark! Never let them bully you and never get scared once caught. Like me, I was caught but I didn’t run away from my obligations. I know I have the capacity to bribe them, but I didn’t. hahahaha. Or should I say they we’re just waiting for me to bribe them and they will obviously had a grip on it. Who knows? Maybe I’m right! But I may be also wrong!
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