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Posted on the 19 May 2015 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth

Via JuliaM from Chronicle Live:
Police shot dead an escaped cow following a massive operation involving armed officers and a helicopter.
The beast was one of three to escape from a farm in Wallsend yesterday afternoon. Northumbria Police deployed marksmen, aerial support and, eyewitnesses said, 15 to 20 cars, closing roads in a bid to keep the animals off the busy A1058 Coast Road...

Glorious article, worth reading in full. Keystone Cops.
From The Daily Mail:
A hiker enjoying one of the most beautiful national parks in the French Alps was gorged to death by a bull in front of his terrified wife, it has emerged.
The horrific killing took place close to the idyllic mountain village of Reallon as the unnamed 59-year-old victim was enjoying a Sunday morning stroll.
As he and his wife crossed a field full of cows in the Ecrins National Park, in south east France, the bull came charging towards them...

Gruesome, gruesome article. Read at your peril.

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