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Cats, The Masters of the Hide and Seek Game

By Nicolas

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Cats, The masters of the Hide and Seek game

Cats are undoubtedly ninjas when it comes to the Hide and Seek game. They can fit into places that you wouldn’t think is possible and they have mastered the art of stealth and blending in.

If you’ve had a cat or currently owns one, this scenario is all too familiar to you. Believe it or not, cats actually need cozy hiding places. Having that option to be invisible for a while brings them comfort especially if they are just starting to adapt to your home. Being too exposed can make a cat feel vulnerable and stressed out. If you have a fearful cat and it likes to hide, let him/her do that until it gets used to it’s surrounding.

It’s a no brainer that any animal loves food. So if you’re looking for a fool proof way of getting your cat to come out of hiding, whip out some good ol’ cat food and it should do the trick. However, this black and white rascal from Purina Felix’s video who seems to love hiding didn’t need to be offered food to come out as he found the perfect hiding spot. Check it out here:

What’s the weirdest place your cat has ever hidden in? Let us know!

For more adorable cat videos, you can check out Purina Felix’s youtube channel here.

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