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Cats on Stage: Kitty Reenactments

By Petslady @petslady

This week, the cats of the internet are feeling extra sophisticated. Enjoy this internet-cat art school education.

First up an operatic tribute to the one of the internet's most beloved memes, the LOLcat. LOLPERA is "a giddily absurd opera with a score referencing everything from Gilbert and Sullivan to 80s power ballads." Californian fans can enjoy the show in person. Tickets are available online via LOLPERA. See a preview below.

Source: LN WARK 

Internet Cat Video Film Festival: Source:
Internet Cat Video Film Festival: Source:

Another high-art tribute to cats of the internet will be coming to Minneapolis in August.  The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis will be hosting Internet Cat Video Film Festival. The event is meant to take the solitude out of cat video viewing and bring it out into the open air. Videos will be nominated by the public, voting closes July 30. Guests will enjoy their favorites on a big screen in the Walker's Open Field Space on August 30, 2012 at 8:30pm.

Next up, cats on flim. Here, Dog and Pony Show shows us what Star Wars may have looked like with feline castmembers. Then, SweetFurr's Pancake and Cooper release their inner superheroes as Superman and Batman in their video The Kitty Knight Rises & Kitty of Steel (below).
 Source: SweetFurx4 Finally, if you still haven't had enough cats in the arts, enjoy these images of cats recreating famous paintings. This is becoming something of a trend online, so grab your cat and your favorite piece of art and post your own. 
via Lostateminor

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