Cats Don’t Like Mondays

Posted on the 15 March 2011 by Astylizedhysteria

Recently, Julie of Orchid Grey (who has an amazing blog and hair) started a regular Friday feature. Of her cats. Which I think is awesome. Considering how many pictures I take of my kitties, it seems selfish of me to keep them to myself. So from now on, I declare Mondays to be The Day of the Cat (at least, around here).

All of these pics were taken on my iphone with the hipstamatic app, which gives photos a cool vintage look. There’s only one of Chloe cat because she’s still getting used to her new home.

Calliope Cat
Calliope in repose
Calliope cat
Calliope pleading for treats
Calliope cat
Calliope enjoying a chilled drink
Chloe cat
Chloe is very excited about becoming an internet sensation. Obviously.


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