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Catfish: The TV Show’s Take on Online Dating Deceit

By Datecoachtoni @CoachToni

This sequel to the documentary Catfish, is a new “dating” show on MTV that approaches people who are in a “Catfish” situation — which is one in which they are wondering why an intimate and long -term online friend doesn’t want to meet face to face — and arranges a first meeting.

The encounters that follow are realistic and raw- as they depict the reactions of first impressions and fantasies blown apart by the reality of this other person. Emotions are real and patterns emerge -and issues like appearance come up as a top priority and a frequent deal breaker. Long distance deception is also a theme- and one that happens frequently in the world of online meeting and dating.

This show is sobering and could even be discouraging to anyone who is contemplating or using online dating as a tool for meeting Mr./Ms. Right. Basically it offers a cautionary tale that what you see isn’t necessarily what you will get. As a dating coach I tell folks to meet within two weeks of the first contact- and caution them that if someone is offering too many excuses, this is a red flag and a good reason to move on and look elsewhere.

Online dating can be a great way to have access to many people you would not encounter in your day to day world. However, it’s not until you experience them face to face that you can know if they have keeper potential.

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