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By Mattnem05 @mattnem05

In my house the TV is prime territory, someone is always on it. And unfortunately it is usually not me. My daughter has her kids shows or cartoons while my son has his history shows or sports. So to keep us all happy I tend to let them have the TV and catch up with my shows on my tablet.

In many ways I prefer my tablet because I can take my show with me where every I am at home. While the TV is … well stuck where the TV is. Which is what I want so I have a better chance at monitoring what the kids are watching. I find it even better to have the ability to watch TV on my tablet during the major sporting events.

Like right now with so much basketball on TV I can watch one game on my TV, 1 on my phone, 1 on my big screen tablet, 1 on my medium size tablet and 1 on my laptop. Not that I personally care all that much about the outcomes of the games, but it keeps me informed of what is going on so I can harass my friends who do care via twitter or Facebook. And let me tell you that puts a smile on my face.

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