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Cat Tails? Catnip Filled Hemp For The Natural Cat

By Petslady @petslady

Hemp Cat TailsHemp Cat TailsLike many cat owners, I prefer to indulge my cat with the most eco-friendly cat toys I can find.  I always order loose cat nip because I have found that toys pre-stuffed with catnip are usually composed of polyester, nylon, or other man-made fiber. Not so, these Hemp Cat Tails...

Stuffed with catnip, the hemp-covered toys are nice and long in two sizes, 8 inch and 12 inch, so kitties can roll around with them and twist them through their legs as they lick and chew the 'Cat Tails.'  

The Hemp Cat Tails have been reviewed very positively by cat owners, who have commented that their cats prefer one color over another. (Cats can see colors, and are particularly adept at distinguishing shades of blue.)

So choose your cat's favorite color and keep him busy, at least for awhile, with a new Hemp Cat Tail.  When your kitty gets tired of his toy, put it away for awhile, and then anoint it with some fresh cat nip a few weeks later.  He'll love it again!  

Hemp Cat Tails are available at or at Amazon.The Cat Tails even qualify for free shipping!


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