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By Itellyouastory

There was once a king, whose queen had hair of the purest gold, and wasso beautiful that her match was not to be  met with on the whole face ofthe earth. But this beautiful queen fell ill,  and when she felt thather  end drew near she called the king to  her and said, «Promise methat you  will never marry again, unless you  meet with a wife who  isas beautiful as  I am, and who has golden  hair like mine.» Then whenthe king in his  grief promised all she asked, she shut her  eyes anddied. But the king was  not to be comforted, and for a long time neverthought of taking another wife. At last, however,  his wise men  said,«this  will not do;  the king  must marry again, that we may  have aqueen.» So  messengers were sent far  and wide, to seek for a bride asbeautiful as the late queen. But there was no princess in the world sobeautiful; and if there had been, still there was not one to be foundwho had golden hair. So the messengers came home,  and had had all theirtrouble for nothing.


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