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Cat And Mouse In Partnership

By Itellyouastory

A certain cat had made the acquaintance  of a mouse, and had said somuch to her about  the great  love and  friendship she  felt for  her,that  at length the mouse  agreed that they  should live and  keep housetogether. «But we must make  a provision for  winter, or else  we shallsuffer  from hunger,» said the cat; «and you, little mouse, cannotventure  everywhere, or you will be caught in a  trap some day.» Thegood advice was  followed, and a pot of  fat was bought, but  they didnot know  where to put it.  At length, after much consideration, the catsaid: «I know no place where  it will be  better stored  up  than inthe church,  for  no one  dares  take anything away from there. We willset it beneath the altar, and not  touch it until we are really  in needof it.»

So  the pot was placed in  safety, but it was not long beforethe cat  had a great yearning for it, and  said to the mouse: «I want totell  you something, little mouse; my cousin  has brought a little soninto the world, and has asked me to be godmother;  he is white withbrown spots,  and I am  to hold  him over the  font at  the christening.Let  me  go  out today,  and  you  look after  the  house  by yourself.’«Yes, yes,» answered  the mouse, «by all  means go, and if  you getanything very good to eat, think of me. I should like a drop of  sweetred christening wine myself.» All this,  however, was untrue; the cathad no cousin, and had not  been asked to be  godmother. She wentstraight  to the church, stole to the pot of fat,  began to lick at it,and licked  the top of the  fat off. 


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