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Casino Legislation Squabbles

By Ceemac126 @PGCBlogging
Casino Legislation Squabbles

Del. M. Griffith

Looks like County Executive Baker, Maryland Delegate Melony Griffith, and the Prince George’s County Council are not aligned on the issue of passing legislation that would bring gambling to the county.  Griffith and Baker were spotted at the General Assembly in Annapolis last week having a mildy-heated exchange about the legislation and as they broke apart she asked “can’t we just agree to disagree?”.  

Casino Legislation Squabbles

The County Council is split along these lines:

FOR Gambling Legislation: Will Campos (D-Dist 2), Derrick Leon Davis (D-Dist 6), Obie Patterson (D-Dist 8), Karen Toles (D-Dist 7), and Ingrid Turner (D-Dist 4)

**Sidebar: Karen Toles has already exhibited some risky behavior and bad judgment i.e. Recent Speedy Gonzalez impression.  I don’t think supporting gambling is a good idea for her. Wouldn’t want her to end up needing a 12-step program.**

OPPOSED to Gambling Legislation – Chairman Andrea Harrison (D-Dist 5), vice-chairman Eric Olson (D-Dist 3) and Mary A. Lehman (D-Dist 1)

Casino Legislation Squabbles
In addition, member’s of the House Ways and Means Committee are further scrutinizing the bill that would add a referendum to this November’s ballot asking voters if they support a constitutional amendment to allow a 6th gambling casino.  The legislation is being criticized for it’s generous profit allotment to gaming establishment owners and the state receiving a delayed funds, also the legislation might not be “fair” to the other 5 casino owners.  Boo-hoo.

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