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Case Notes for Patient 540463, Obama Barack H.

Posted on the 14 August 2013 by Hughvw
8/14/13: Patient presents in a highly-agitated state.   He says he is being hounded at all hours on his unlisted cellphone by a certain Mr Vladimir Putin who keeps calling him in order to taunt him about his inadequacies.  Patient, who  himself appears to be somewhat uncertain of his own abilities, is currently on vacation at Martha's Vineyard and  I have been flown in from D.C by  military plane and chopper to the island at the request of Patient's aide, Ms.Valerie Jarrett, who swore me to secrecy and told me, on my arrival, that Patient appeared to have had a psychotic episode and had told Russian President Vladimir Putin, who called him from Moscow, to "f--k off."  After examining and questioning Patient, he appears to have had  nothing more than an anxiety attack. I prescribed Ativan to help keep his anxiety under  immediate control and suggested a much longer consultation at a later date, to explore Patient's state of mind more deeply, looking for any symptoms of  underlying paranoia and narcissistic personality disorder.  --Dictated by Dr. S.H.Rink.

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