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Cars Vs. Guns

Posted on the 25 March 2012 by Mikeb302000
Inspired by Farago's recent post pushing the famous false nonsense of how much more dangerous cars than guns, I wrote the following summary of the situation.
All right here's the deal with car comparisons.  Cars kill 40,000 a year even though they have licensing of drivers, registration of cars and insurance requirements.  Without those restrictions the death toll would be 100,000.
Guns kill 30,000 a year and do not have licensing of gun owners, registration of guns and insurance requirements.  If guns and gun owners enjoyed the same restriction as cars, the death toll would be 5,000 a year.
100,000 for cars, 5,000 for guns. That's more or less what we're looking at.

What do you think, make sense?

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