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Carrie Preston Talks About Tonight’s Finale of True Blood

Posted on the 11 September 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault

Carrie Preston Talks About Tonight’s Finale of True BloodIn a recent interview with True Blood’s Carrie Preston, she answered some questions about the the shows finale, which airs tonight.

While we all know that Carrie couldn’t really say exactly what is going to happen in the finale episode for Season 4, she did let out a few interesting tidbits about Arlene, Terry and possible Andy/Fairy hookup.


Rosy: “There is a rumor floating around that you won’t be back next season. Is this true? If so, what will happen to Arlene?”
“I can’t really answer to anything that happens beyond this season. I think you’ll have a better sense of who’s around and who’s not at the end of the finale of this season.

Rosy: In Sunday’s episode, Terry went back to look for Andy after their showdown. Now Andy is back but no sign of Terry. Is there something wrong?
: “Terry was out looking for Andy because he hadn’t come home yet. He was out making love to a fairy! He was out in the woods hooking up with that fairy.
Terry didn’t know what was going so he went out to look for him while Arlene was waiting at home.

When Andy came in it was a really wonderful scene I got to do with Chris Bauer, I was very happy about that. You got to see a little tender moment between Andy Bellefleur and Arlene Fowler which was not something anyone was expecting.

We were very pleased with that scene. That day was just full of ease and grace.”

Rosy: “Speaking of the Andy/Fairy hook-up, is there anything you can tell us about that?”
: “Your guess is as good as mine! We don’t really know where that is going to go but certainly his mind was opened and it seemed like some kind of opening to the fairy world as well.

Which we hadn’t really touched on since the premiere of this season.

Rosy: “Arlene was involved with the wiccans before. Will she have any more involvement with them?”
: “I think that for Arlene she’s most comfortable with things that she understands. Anything outside of her realm of understanding something that I think, she wants to avoid.

But it was interesting to see her in a scene when that spirit came out of Lafayette’s body and Arlene was there to witness it. I think that was an interesting moment for her to experience something outside of the practical world.

I’m curious to see if that will have any effect on her.”

Rosy: “What can you tease us about the overall finale? Will we lose any main characters?”
Carrie: “Well you’re definitely going to experience one of our biggest cliff hangers yet! But that’s no surprise, it’s True Blood.

You can’t have a season finale and not have a huge cliffhanger but this one is pretty extraordinary.

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