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Carrie Preston Celebratory and Sad About True Blood’s End

Posted on the 27 June 2014 by Thevault @The_Vault

Carrie-Preston-199x300True Blood’s Carrie Preston speaks about Season 7 and what her character Arlene will be up to in an interview below:

TV Fanatic: So is it kind of getting to the point where there are a lot of last scenes you’re having with people and things like that?
Carrie Preston: Oh, yeah. It’s definitely happening, so it’s starting to get sad and also very crazy with everybody wanting to make sure that everybody says their goodbyes and the wrap gifts and the wrap parties. It’s definitely feeling celebratory and sad. It’s not taking a break.

TVF: I won’t ask you what actually happens in the end because I know that’s very hush-hush but are you personally a fan of happy endings when a series or character wraps up?
CP: Well, I don’t like being prescriptive about it. I feel like there’s no such thing as a happy ending if you want to have a good conflict and all those ingredients that create good tension. I wouldn’t say that Breaking Bad had a happy ending. However, I was very satisfied with it. There was a lot of controversy about that ending and I thought that was great because I feel like if people aren’t talking about something and they’re passionate about it and there’s good, healthy, excited conversation about it, then we have done our jobs and so I’m hoping that that will be the case with True Blood, that people will be invested in it and have a dialog about it and feel passionate about it.

TVF: What have you learned from Arlene these last seven seasons?
CP: I guess Arlene has taught me a lot about strength and being able to overcome huge seemingly insurmountable obstacles. She has definitely had many an obstacle thrown in her way and has continued to somehow make it through and continue to persevere. So I really admire her for that.

TVF: I never think of Arlene as a quitter, even with all this stuff they’ve thrown at her. I don’t think she’d quit.
CP: No, she’s definitely too strong to quit.

TVF: How would you tease Arlene’s journey in this week’s episode? Because things are definitely not looking good as she’s in the basement with the other women.
CP: You’re going to see Arlene rise to the challenge that’s created in that situation.


TVF: Have you gotten used to all the gore and the blood that you’ve had to work with for the last seven years?
CP: Well, I’m on a very tame show compared to all of my other colleagues. I really haven’t had to encounter that much of that since I don’t traffic in the world of the vampires. That said, you know the season’s not over yet. So you can talk to me about it at the end of the season and I’ll probably have a little more to say.

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