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Career Switch

By Superinspire @nenadciric


Before the so called “financial crisis” it was quite common to see various articles online on how to radically change a career path and start earning money by doing something that is a bit out of your comfort zone. But with the downfall of the economic system we’ve been slowly trained to hold on tightly to our current jobs, put our dreams of a different career on hold and to postpone any decisions indefinitely.

However, if there is one thing I know for sure, it is that no matter what the current situation is, the real career switch always happens when you make that switch in your head. When you accept that in order to start doing something you are passionate about, even if you don’t necessarily have any real work experience in that area, the only thing you need is a clear intention and determination to work well and learn along the way. Learning from real life situations is a much higher form of education than any University could ever offer you.

There may be thousands of people with years of relevant experience and the prefect degree applying for the same job you are dreaming of. But ultimately all resumes look the same, they all have some written information and a photo attached. What separates one cv from another is the energy it carries.

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