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Care Homes News Digest | Care Home News Jan 2018

By Steve Bradley

The new year often sees an increase in activity online with Care homes issuing press releases on new projects or plans for the next 12 months. Online Care Courses reports on the most relevant care home news throughout January with links to the sites listing their articles found in the public domain. Welcome to Care home news Jan 2018 issue.

This months news bites cover an interview with Wales Care Forum chair regarding ‘social care timebomb’ in his area, alleged ownership clauses in patient contracts allowing care homes to sell on residents belongings after death and the Aussie Flu bug that is affecting Care Homes in Gloucestershire.

Flu cases in Gloucestershire care homes worse than anywhere else in the south-west- Care Home News Jan 2018

Gloucestershire live reports that during the last three months of 2017 (and the first week of 2018), 32 outbreaks of influenza have occurred in Care homes in the area.  Gloucestershire hospitals have admitted they are finding it “challenging” to deal with the increased number of patients with flu.

Their report includes a conversation with Professor Paul Cosford (Medical director at Public Health England) and covers a list of symptoms presenting when catching the dreaded “Aussie flu”.

Find out more here – Gloucestershire Live

New survey shows two-thirds of MPs in England believe there is a ‘lack of choice for high-quality care homes’ – Care Home News Jan 2018

A new survey conducted by Independent Age (23rd January 2018) has found that 51% of Conservative MPs and 83% of Labour MPs were concerned that the quality of care homes in their constitunency would continue to deteriorate over the next year if action is not taken.

The article, with comments from Chief Executive Janet Morrison, covers a recent Freedom of Information request sent to local authorities and a survey completed by MPs.

For more information on MP concerns, please go here – Care Management Matters

Clause in patients contract allegedly allows Care Homes to sell dead residents possessions – Care Home News Jan 2018

On 19th January, the Telegraph social affairs correspondent reported that the Competition and Markets Authority had warned that some care homes have contracts allowing them to sell a deceased person’s things and keep the funds raised.

The article discusses a number of clauses that are of concern to families of care residents and are being examined by the CMA as part of a consultation started in late 2017.

The full article can be found here – Telegraph

‘Social care timebomb’ for Care Homes in North Wales – Care Home News Jan 2018

Mario Kreft, the chair of Care Forum Wales refers to “the perfect storm” in North Wales due to a decrease in Care homes at a time when there is a boom in the over 85 population.

Referring to information from the Office of National Statistics that estimates the over 85s population in Wales will double in the next 15 – 18 years, Mr Kreft urges support for Social care before knock-on effects to services cause extreme pressure in the care sector.

The full interview can be found here – North Wales Pioneer

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