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Caravan Economics

Posted on the 21 August 2013 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth
I'm trying to figure out if I've missed something here but I'm struggling to work out how owning a caravan adds up.
This isn't to say that going and staying in a caravan isn't a good idea, as in going to a site and staying in a van that's already there, but I can't figure out the math of owning one.
Here's where I think people go wrong: if you look at the price of a holiday in a nice resort, you see that it costs maybe £1200/WK for a static and you're like... spend £20k, get it back over a few years. But the kicker is that half the price of that £1200 is site fees. So, you save maybe £600/WK. How many weeks do you have to now go away to cover the cost?
Right, and now you've got to tow it, which reduces your speed and mpg. You've got to pay more for your crossing, more for your insurance. And storage.
The rent-a-van model seems to make much more sense. Someone buys a van, pays for it to sit on a site and then splits it across many users, taking a profit from each. If the van costs even £50k, they can split it across 8 families each summer, charge each a grand (plus some off-peak rentals) and make a

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