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Car Ride: A Story with a Lesson

By Specialneedmom2 @specialneedmom2


One beautiful summer day our family went for a car ride.  We drove and drove and drove.



We drove past beautiful scenery.   There was no one else around, for miles.


Finally we got where we were going.


I took Mr. Sensitive for a walk, while Baby Dunk, Hubby and Little Miss Adorable hung out in the van.  Baby Dunk was napping.  Hubby let Little Miss Adorable play on the front seat of the van.  She had fun pressing all the buttons.

It was a hot day.  Hubby kept the van running so the air conditioning would keep them comfortable.


Soon Mr. Sensitive and I were back from our walk.  Hubby stepped out of the to help us lift stuff in.  Hubby shut the door behind him to keep the van cool.


Little Miss Adorable then locked all the doors…

   …With the van running, and Hubby, Mr. Sensitive and I standing outside.

Baby Dunk woke up and started to cry – from inside the locked van.

Little Miss Adorable laughed and laughed.


Epilogue – Hubby eventually managed to convince Little Miss Adorable to press the unlock button.

Lesson – don’t let your toddler drive the van!

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