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Capturing the Gold by Stepping Up Your Game With the Right Registrations

Posted on the 19 February 2014 by Worldwide @thedomains

FairWinds Partners  is hosting the Beyond the dot conference in Washington D.C. today, Michael is at the conference for thedomains and

The 2014 Beyond the Dot Conference will be held at the Newseum tomorrow, February 19. The event will bring together policymakers, corporations, non-profits, government officials, and average Internet users to explore and discuss what they will mean to all Internet users and how they will change the way that we approach Internet navigation, commerce, and other behaviors.

On the FairWinds Domain Strategy blog they wrote a piece entitled, “Capturing the Gold by Stepping Up Your Game With the Right Registrations

Intrigued to see how brands are translating sponsorships to online real estate, FairWinds paired each Fortune 100 brand with each of eight terms – arena, center, classic, cup, field, park, stadium, and tournament – in the .COM top-level domain (TLD), and searched those 800 domain names to find out how many were registered by brands, how many were registered by third parties, how many were available, and how the registered domain names were used. FairWinds also looked at the combination “” for the 10 Worldwide Partners of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

It turns out brands are underrepresented in the sports-venue domain name space:

  • Only 8 percent of the domain names examined are owned by their corresponding brands, with 74 percent of the examined domain names still available for registration

  • Of the 10 Worldwide Olympic Partners, only one is using a “” combination.  Four Olympic sponsors don’t even own their own

Read the full report here.…

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