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Captor by @anitamayw

By Pamelascott

Liz Chambers is a devoted mother who works for a successful law firm. She has two children, a husband and a blossoming career. But behind closed doors, Liz is harbouring a secret that could destroy her life.

Then the unthinkable happens, and in a frenzied attack, her young son is snatched from the home of the nanny charged with looking after him.

As Liz's life unfolds, it becomes clear that someone is out for revenge.

Desperate to get her baby boy back, Liz must work out who is responsible for his kidnap, and why.

But as the body count begins to mount, Liz's concern grows for the safety of her child.

Who has taken her baby?

And why is Captor so determined on revenge?


[The Coffee and Cream Cafe was quit; two customers were seated at a table at the far side of the room and they appeared to be deep in conversation, oblivious to anything happening around them]


(Bloodhound Books, 13 February 2018, ebook, 291 pages, Prime Reading)



This book was on track to be a 2-star read but it managed to redeem itself a little. Just a little. There's nothing particularly terrible about the book but nothing special either. I struggled to like any of the characters. I especially didn't like Liz; she's very abrasive and comes across as unsympathetic. I found myself unable to really care what happened to her. For the most part, the other characters see her as perfect which I found off-putting. There are scenes between Liz and DI Brent that are completely unrealistic as she snipes at him and speaks to him like he's a piece of garbage. This didn't come across as realistic. Also, she had an affair and had a child as the result and has the cheek to judge and condemn her husband for having a fling. That's not on. The book redeems itself when the identity of Captor is revealed. I had no idea who it was. There are chapters from Captor's POV which don't work very well. First off, they are unnecessarily written in italics. The writing is quite awkward and poor. Overall, something was lacking in this book. Also, the book has the tagline 'A GRIPPING THRILLER YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS'. I hate books with taglines because I tend to find the book is the opposite of what the tagline promises. This book fell short for me.

Captor @anitamayw

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