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Captcha Translations

By Expatmum @tonihargis
Although I hate them almost enough not to comment on blogs, I confess to being rather fascinated with word verification and captcha phrases. I have blogged about this before, but can't resist another stab at translating and defining the ones I've seen recently.
"meta bilxtra" -  A rare and dangerous form of indigestion, causing sufferers to balloon to extra large proportions.   (Lady Bird World Mother)
"enamenti teneas" - An Italian vacation resort currently known only to the locals but about to become the next "Ibiza"( Exmoor Jane)
"mistry alfante" - Mistry/mistri is actually a word used for a master craftsman in India, so this is obviously a secret message from Hadriana, who needs some tasteful work done on her B&B.  (Hadriana's Treasures)
"thott ownlande" -  Next season's addition to the cast of Sherlock Holmes. (Not Enough Mud)
"rfetwh hissai" -  A chain of Welsh luxury hotels in and around Cardigan Bay. (Mommy has a Headache)
Actually that was quite a lot of work so only try it if you've a spare hour or two on your hands. I do recommend visiting all the great blogs though.

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