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Captain America: Civil War (2016) Review

Posted on the 29 April 2016 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7


Indifference between Captain America and Iron Man cause major problems for the Avengers as they struggle to come to terms with the tragedy they have actually caused.

The build up to this film has been pretty fierce when it comes to Team Cap or Team Iron Man, that really helps to set it up and it is as much about Tony Stark as it is Steve Rogers and it really does have some fantastic moments as Marvel leaves behind a lot of the comedy and humorous moments to take on a much more serious tone. This actually works very much in its favour, adding to the story and showing that everything isn’t as happy and easy as it once was a great turn in my opinion!

Steve Rogers is still trying to track down Bucky as he cannot just let his old friend be captured or killed. He cannot believe that everything that is happening is actually his fault. But as someone is posing to be the Winter Soldier and leading to mass destruction and more loss of lives something has to be done about it.

As this is going on each Avenger must decide whether to sign and be controlled by higher up figures, retire or then become rouge and available for arrest if they do not follow orders. This is the first thing which causes a big rift in the camp and forms the Team Cap or Team Iron Man. I felt at times that this was more of Iron Man’s film than Captain America at times as we see Tony having to deal with his parents death and the guilt he has at the death he has caused, a massive growth in character from his first outing amazing character development.

Captain America is all focused on Bucky and does not think twice about fighting with Stark neither giving up or wanting to let the other have their way. Two very strong characters who do not want to back down, I obviously will not spoil any of the small details in the plot. It certainly took some different turns to what I was expecting.

At times we feel like we are all superheroed (yes I have created a new word) as we are given a few new ones and more brought in together. Spider-Man was a great addition and did offer some light relief when it was probably needed the most, I just wish they had kept his addition a secret and not included him in the trailer. I think it would have made it even better.

Be warned though as the film does start off very slowly and therefore takes quite a long time to really get into the action and key moments. It is well worth the wait though as once it gets going it really does fly around. The film has made me even more on Team Iron Man and I don’t understand why anyone would support Captain America (if your Team Cap please let me know why, I am curious).

Overall, a good addition to the Marvel Universe. Certainly an improvement on the disappointing Avengers: Age of Ultron. As with any Marvel film make sure you wait until after all of the credits, we are given two different scenes this time!

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