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Capitalist Economies Trickle Up - Not Down

Posted on the 25 October 2013 by Jobsanger
Capitalist Economies Trickle Up - Not Down Will Rogers had a lot of homespun charm and humor, but he also had a brain. And he knew how our economic system works. Money doesn't trickle-down in this country (no matter what the Republicans try to tell you). That's just not how capitalism works. In a capitalist country, money flows upward -- and most of it ends up in the hands of the rich.
That's why a capitalist economy must be spurred by making sure the working class and the poor have enough money to spend, because that money will flow upward and benefit everyone. Giving more to the rich doesn't do anything but fatten the bank accounts of the rich. Trickle-down economic theory is just a lie foisted on the American public by Republicans as an excuse to enrich their wealthy friends.

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