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Cap Der Formentor: My Favorite Place in Mallorca

By Expatgermany @Laurel_Robbins

cap der formentorCap der Formentor  – 300m vertical cliffs that disappear into a sea that is often wild, where the weather can change on a whim.  It’s my favorite place in Mallorca and its precisely because of its wildness that I love it.  It’ overs refuge on an island that I find too developed for my tastes.

cap de formentor mallorca

View from the Mirador del Mal Pas - the most popular lookout point.

It’s difficult to find a bad view on Cap der Formentor and you likely won’t be alone on one of the more popular lookouts, like the Mirador del Mal Pas (top two photos above), but there are also plenty of hiking trails where you are likely to find solitude.

cap der formentor

The adventurous can climb this old watchtower, which has two ladders, one on the outside, and another one that goes to the very top. Only a handful of people came to the base of the tower to enjoy the views. We climbed to the top and had the tower to ourselves for a few minutes until we were joined by another brave couple. A few steps away from the old watchtower is a German installed private weather station, but anyone can access the data providing they have the proper receiving equipment.

cap der formentor

The best views of Cap der Formentor are found from climbing this old watchtower.

The 13km drive from Port de Pollenca is famously scary, enough so to inspire a local legend: A parish priest and a local bus driver arrived at Heaven’s Gates but only the driver was admitted to heaven. The reason? He had led far more people to pray than the priest had. So drive slow!

cap der formentor lighthouse

The Cap der Formentor Lighthouse is the pinnacle and end of the drive.  The views over the bluff are spectacular, but it was far too crowded for me.  I was more intrigued by the hiking trail directly across from it, which I only saw one person hiking.  Plus I believe the views look even more incredible when you have to work for them.

cap der formentor
Know Before You Go to Cap der Formentor:

  • Check out flights to Palma, for flights between the UK and Mallorca
    It can be windy and stormy and weather can change quickly so bring warm clothes with you.
  • We were there in May and the popular look out spots were busy.  I imagine it could be difficult to find parking in high season, so try and go at off-peak times.
  • I didn’t do this but think it would be incredibly beautiful at sunset or sunrise – maybe next time.
  • We saw several bikers on the road.  Note there is no separate bike path, bikers bike on the road and the road is curvy, so bike at your own peril – I personally wouldn’t feel safe biking on the Cap der Formentor during peak times.

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