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Cantilever Parasols

By Danielcarruthers

a set of garden furniture under a parasol
Despite our local weather forecaster having informed us that it is currently the European Monsoon Season, we are beginning to enjoy some lovely sunny days and perversely our thoughts turn to shade. As pleasant as it is to sit in the sun, there are also times when we want to enjoy the sunny garden from a shady spot. In my own garden, trees provide pretty well all the shade I need, but should I be thinking of investing in a garden umbrella, a cantilevered parasol would be top of my list. It is so much more versatile and adjustable than the usual type with a central pillar which either has to be positioned through a hole in the center of a table, or be dragged (base and all), from one position to another to keep pace with the sun’s movement. By comparison the cantilever parasol can be placed alongside a table (or wall mounted) and angled or extended to maintain the shade. Prices range from around £250 to £600, but if that is beyond your budget Shade Sails are an economic alternative, with prices in the region of £35 to £100 plus fixings. The Garden Furniture Centre stocks a good range of both.

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