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By Canvasgirl

Retractable-Awning-FabricCanopies are less expensive than many other ways to cover an area. Metal buildings are expensive, and are far less attractive. They also have a lot of uses for both the home and the business. You can even get them to match umbrellas. Being outdoors is far more pleasant in the shade, and a pouring rain makes things difficult if there is no cover available to protect you.

Canopies can be placed over the entry way of a home or business. This gives benefits to people who use the door the whole year. During the winter it will keep snow and ice from accumulating at the door. It is also a good place to keep a welcome mat where people can wipe their feet. A welcome mat that is covered from the rain and snow will stay cleaner. This will keep a lot of snow and wet from being tracked indoors, ruining your carpeting or hard wood floors.

Canopies are great in the summer because they protect you from the rain while you are trying to unlock the door and go inside. They are also good for keeping the bright sun out of your eyes while you are finding your key and trying to get in the lock. It can also offer a measure of protection in the fall when the leaves are looking for places to go and hide.

Canopies can also be used over the windows of the home or business. This will reduce the energy that it takes to cool the building significantly. On west facing windows, you can cut energy costs by over 70%. This is a significant amount of savings. In addition to lowering the power bills, they can help to keep out bright sun light that is damaging to the skin. Ultra violet rays from the sun are to blame for about 9-% of the skin cancer cases. The only way to avoid this is to protect yourself from the light of the sun.

Canopies can also be used to create an inexpensive, casual outdoor sitting area. It will keep off the hot sun and will give you some protection from the rain as well. You will enjoy your outdoor areas far more when you are not sitting in the direct light of the sun or the pouring rain is keeping you indoors. It is an inexpensive alternative to other outbuildings and covers.

You can get a ten year warranty on many of the products. The canvas can be replaced when it wears out, many years from now. You can also see all of the selections they have to offer.

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