Cancer Birthstones for People Born in July

Posted on the 27 June 2019 by Emil Sipos @emilPsipos

A water element zodiac sign, Cancer is the harbinger for Summer. With the symbol of a Crab, Cancer zodiac born people are outgoing and jovial, but also private and sensitive. Cancer born persons can be devious and manipulative in their friendship. That’s not your fault. However, the fault in your star. Cancer birthstones help you remedy the malefic planetary influencers you are suffering from. Let us help you find that perfect stone for your zodiac sign to make you happy and healthy!

Who Is A Cancer zodiac?

Cancer Birthstones for People Born in July

Any person born on or between 22 June to 23 July is a Cancer zodiac born. You can be wicked and harmful to people you despise. Cancerians are usually artistic, besides being crabby or moody. A cancer zodiac person is sweet and always enthusiastic about the little things in life. If your zodiac is cancer, you’ve an excellent memory too, right?

Which Is The Cancer Birthstone?

Vintage Heart Ruby NecklacesRing

Ruby is the official birthstone for cancer. It is a stone that opens your sacral and root chakras. The blood red stone is a storehouse of energy and passion. It can bring fun into your life. Ruby is also the best crystal for heart chakra ailments. The red crystal fills your energy and stamina too.

Which Is The Ruling Planet Of Cancer?

There are two celestial bodies that rule the zodiac sign of Cancer.

The first ruling body of Cancer is Moon. Pray to the moon goddess Selene in your prayer rituals and crystal sessions to get beauty, health and fame in your life. Moon can also cleanse you and make you intuitive.  

Mercury is the second celestial body that rules the sign Cancer. Emerald is a mercury stone good for Cancer born people. Mercury can help you find peace and justice in your life. It is a planet that better your communication skills too.  

Which Chakra Does Cancer Need?

Cancer Birthstones for People Born in July

There are two chakras that awaken the true potential of a Cancerian.

The first chakra you need to open is the Third Eye chakra. It fills you with divination such that you will be able to communicate with angels. You will also foresee the destiny and dangers coming into your path.

Sacral chakra is the second chakra that you need to open as a Cancer zodiac. The life force energy rests in your sacral chakra. It is where your passion, energy and enthusiasm grows.

What Is The Lucky Stone For Cancer Man?

Amber Ring - 925 Sterling Silver - ResizeableRing

Amber is the best luck stone for Cancer man. It brings your prosperity and fame. Wear an amber ring on your right hand to please mercury and invite luck into your life.

What Is The Lucky Stone For Cancer Woman?

Cancer Birthstones For People Born In July

Pearl is the best stone for a Cancer female. It helps you find the best self inside you. Pearl makes the Cancer woman charismatic and charming. It leads you to luck, grace and glory.


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