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Canadiens and Rangers Defensive-zone Puck-possession Success-rates (through 5 Games)

By Kicks @Chrisboucher73
Player-by-player and position-by-position
These percentages represent each player's success-rate when attempting a play with possession of the puck in the defensive-zone. Plays used in this calculation include; passes, dekes, and dump-outs. Sub-categories for passes include; d-to-d passes, stretch-passes, and outlet passes. Sub-categories for dump outs include; open-ice dump-outs, dump-outs off of the wall, and rim dump-outs. Sub-categories for dekes include dekes along the wall, and open-ice dekes.
Each puck-possession play included above is scored as either successful or failed; depending on the result.  Success-rates are simply calculated by dividing the number of successful puck-possession plays by the number of total puck-possession plays attempted.
Another way to look at the results is to subtract the puck-possession success-rates from 100. This number will give us each player's turnover or giveaway-rate.
As a team, the New York Rangers have a better defensive-zone puck-possession success-rate (72.9%) than the Montreal Canadiens (70.9%) during the current series. The Habs defense (72.5%) has produced a better success-rate than their Rangers counterparts (70.5%), while New York forwards (76.8%) have produced a substantially better defensive-zone puck-possession success-rate than Montreal forwards (68.8%).
Kevin Klein (85.2%) has the top defensive-zone puck-possession success-rate among Rangers defensemen, while Marc Staal (61.1%) has the lowest d-zone possession success-rate. The top success-rate among New York forwards belongs to Derek Brassard (small sample size) (100%), while the lowest has been produced by Derek Dorsett (60%).

The top defensive-zone puck-possession success-rate among Canadiens defensemen during the current series has been produced by PK Subban (75%), while the lowest has come from Mike Weaver (64.6%).
The top success-rate among forwards belongs to Michael Bournival (80%) and Brian Gionta (80%), while the lowest success-rate belongs to Brandon Prust (33.3%).

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