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Can We Say Bye Bye 2020!

By Firstladyb

I am so ready to say Bye Bye 2020 .......

It's okay if you can't handle everything!

I've had to tell myself those words over and over again this year.

#2020 was rough for me period and I'm not even about to front!

Social distancing for almost a year due to a pandemic has had me fighting depression.

Hearing weekly about someone passing away due to covid_19 has had my anxiety so high that I haven't been inside a church, grocery store or department store since March. (Curbside pickup and @krogerco delivery service has been my best friend)

Then there was Thanksgiving when my anxiety was so bad that I literally sat in the corner at my mothers house praying that nobody would get close to me.

Then there are the random coughs that had me every other day looking at folks like," you better not get me sick!"

I've been thru 2 @lancearmstrong treadmills since March because I read that as long as I keep taking my vitamins, eating the right power foods, and keeping my heart in shape I would be good.. so I did what I know to do... run and walk! I stayed on the treadmill so much that I burned the motors up. 🤦🏾‍♀️

Can We Say Bye Bye 2020!Can We Say Bye Bye 2020!

I've had crying spells, moments of yelling at the TV when the new numbers would come out, and looking at folks side ways when I thought they weren't following the #cdcguidelines (just selfish)

2020 has had me restless, worried and fearful. The fear has been so strong that it began to interfere with my daily routine.

Then one day while sitting still the words.... "it's okay if you can't handle everything" came to me and I released... Released all the anxiety, fear and worry that 2020 brought. #bye2020 #hello2021

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