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Can Warren Instill Courage In Senate Democratic Leaders ?

Posted on the 14 November 2014 by Jobsanger
Can Warren Instill Courage In Senate Democratic Leaders ?
Some of us remember the fist few years of the Obama administration -- when Sen. Harry Reid (the Majority Leader in the Senate) gave in to the Republicans far too many times. While the Republicans were playing political hardball, Reid (and the president) kept trying to get them to compromise -- and it just usually resulted in a Democratic surrender. In the last couple of years, it seems that Reid realized his mistake and almost developed a backbone.
Unfortunately, he now is talking like he's uncomfortable with that backbone, and wants to go back to being submissive to the Republicans. Although the Republicans used (misused?) the filibuster to block almost everything the president and Democrats tried to do, Reid is now talking like he doesn't want to play the same kind of power politics the Republicans engaged in when they were a minority -- saying in his first press conference since the election, "Senate Democrats are ready to work in good faith with their Republican counterparts."
The Republicans have never exhibited any "good faith" negotiating since Obama took office, and they have already made it clear they are not going to do so now that they are in the majority. Reid's statement is a sign of weakness. Is he going to let every ridiculous Republican bill get to the president -- and force President Obama to stand alone in opposition to them? I certainly hope not. The Senate Democrats should use (misuse?) the filibuster to help protect the president. Failure to do so would be craven and cowardly.
There is a faint hope that maybe the Democrats won't totally crumble in the face of the new Republican majority. They have created a new leadership position in the Senate Democratic caucus, and given it to one of the strongest progressives in the Senate -- Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. Senator Warren is a fighter for the common man in this country, and progressive values in general -- and she won't meekly give in to Republican idiocy. Maybe she can use her leadership position to help other Democratic leaders to exhibit some backbone, and encourage all Senate Democrats to fight for Americans with all the tools they have left (including the filibuster).
Here is what Senator Warren told her supporters regarding her new leadership position:

I just left a Senate Democrats caucus meeting, and I wanted you to know: Harry Reid has asked me to serve as Strategic Policy Advisor to the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee.
That’s a fancy way of saying that I’ve been asked to join the Democratic leadership in helping decide how we can fight most effectively for the people who are counting on us.
I don’t kid myself. Life is about to get harder in the Senate when Republicans take over control, but this is a seat at the table for all of us – and that matters. It’s a seat at the table to fight for kids who are being crushed by student loan debt. Working moms and dads struggling to make it on minimum wage. Seniors who depend solely on their Social Security checks to keep a roof over their heads. And all of us who just want a level playing field and a fighting chance to succeed.
Washington is a tough place, and it’s not easy to make real, lasting changes. We all know that. But we also know it’s possible, and we know how much it matters. That’s why we’re going to keep fighting for what we believe in.

Can Warren Instill Courage In Senate Democratic Leaders ?

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