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Can Red Be a Wedding Color?

By Innstilettos
Can Red Be a Wedding Color?
As I approach close to my 100th blog, I have come to realize there is nothing you can't do at your wedding.  So when I was asked recently if red was appropriate as a wedding color I did a little research and found that not only is ok but it looks pretty spectacular.
One might think red would be the perfect color for a Valentine's Day wedding and I couldn't agree more.  It actually is the color most associated with love and so why not have a part of a wedding. Traditionally, red has also been racy and the Scarlet letter I suppose, but when you see the beautiful examples I have found you will really be taken back by the wow factor.
Can Red Be a Wedding Color? If red is your color of choice, why not choose your wedding cake flavor as the much loved Red Velvet Cake.    Can Red Be a Wedding Color? These Save the Date cards offered on Wanelo are sexy and romantic with the red heart on the black and white print.    Can Red Be a Wedding Color?  A beautifully decorated cake with red accents is crisp and lovely.  Can Red Be a Wedding Color?  Red flowers on black and white tables with dimly lit candle light gives this table setting a romantic feel.  Can Red Be a Wedding Color? Even a day wedding looks great with the tall red flower urns and matching napkins.  Can Red Be a Wedding Color?  I was a little taken back with red on the wedding dress and while it is not something I would be jumping up and down about the bride looks lovely nonetheless.  Can Red Be a Wedding Color?  If red on your wedding dress is making your mother swoon, try just adding red flowers to you bouquet or a dazzling pair of red hot pumps to showcase under your gown.  That should spice the wedding up.  Kisses, Deborah

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