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Can Free Planet Take Place?

Posted on the 02 October 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
can Free Planet take place?"Can free planet take place?" this is a question I've often asked myself, Free Planet being after all just a mind-game I've decided to indulge my brain in for the last year or so.
well, it's gotta be free of distractions ... look at the problems in the secondary modern classroom, "Can learning take place?"
If the kids rule the class, are disobedient, if they give their sorry life stories as excuses for why they can't learn, if they dictate the pace, if they say when the class ends - this makes education a farce.
If the kids turn up, sit down, take out their books and pens, and are ready to learn, if they are active members of the learning environment, if they wait until the lesson has ended - this allows the teacher to teach.
And every intellectual situation needs some arbitrary set of rules at the beginning, middle and end; a series of things collectively known as ETIQUETTE so that knowledge can be shared and issues can be discussed.
Without this formailsed local ruleset, without this 'etiquette' learning can never take place. You use etiquette when you drive your car on the public highway: you drive on the correct side, you go round round-abouts the correct way, mirror signal manouevre, you don't break the speed limit. I mean, it's all there so that driving can take place, else it's an insane free-for-all.
And it'll be the same for FREE PLANET - what do we need for free planet to take place?
We need etiqutte, of some sort, surely?
Forget the old 'corporate war' money-making ways - they're broken. They're too expensive. They're immoral. They don't work, for either the people or our homeworld. This is not a WORK planet, nor is it a PRISON planet -- those ideas should have been dropped with the fall of the Roman Empire 2,000 years ago.
Free Planet literally only takes place when seven billion pupils turn up, they get on their thinking heads and they're ready to LEARN HOW TO LIVE a) on a limited resources planet b) on a profit-stripped planet c) on a de-militarised planet d) you get the idea......
Free Planet fails if it's distracted by unruly corporate pupils who want nothing more than to maximise profits and counter-insurgence the enemy of free enterprise i.e. the competition. All this 'noise' interrupts very real debate about the very lethal futures facing our children's children. One day, we have to just grow up and discuss what needs to happen for Free Planet to be a viable alternative to Communistic productivity or Capitalistic productivity, both forms of slavery of the masses.
We have to stop disrupting the free planet debate with 'ways to continue the global war game'.
We have to face the truths of our existence on this delicate homeworld.
We have to be able to talk about this shit - it's imperative.

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