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Can a Sous Vide Machine Be Kashered? (video)

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
sous vide is very popular so I thought this would be interesting and relevant to some people..

my questions:
1. it could be kashered, but does it need to be kashered? the sous vide machine never comes into contact, even indirect contact with the meat or its steams or anything. it is immersed in the water and what is being cooked is isolated in a sealed bag. So if you cook meat via sous vide, maybe there is no need to kasher it and you can then cook dairy.
2. he does not mention kosher and non-kosher, only dairy and meat, and Pesach. Is there a difference?
3. if you are doing hagala on a sous vide machine, how do you deal with the top of the machine that has the electronics? Do you only need to kasher the bottom half, only submerging the machine halfway, or 2/3, into the boiling water?
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