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Çalış Boat Trip . . . Set Sail Today!

By Josephharrison1990 @JTAH_1990

The Turquoise Coast of Turkey has got to be one of the most beautiful places I have traveled to, its truly idyllic! Taking a Çalış Boat Trip is one of the best ways to be at one with the crystal blue sea, I'm not saying this for my health its the truth. If I were you I would set sail today!

Çalış Boat Trip . . . Set Sail Today!I've been a faithful holidaymaker to the Çalış Beach area of Turkey for the last eleven years, partaking in many boat trips around the picture postcard bays and coves of the region. On the second day of my Turkish holiday myself and some of my family set sail on a lovely boat trip that took us around several islands and bays that surround the kitsch town of Fethiye. We decided to take a small Çalış Boat to experience another beautiful day on the Aegean Sea. I packed the essentials; including my camera and my notepad with pen. I must admit I went out drinking the night before but my hangover wasn't too bad, plus a swim in the deep turquoise water washes your worries away! Honestly, what sounds bad about a day like this?!

If the sun is not your thing then just simply sit in the shade and feel the sea breeze welcome you to Turkey's majestic waters. I for one love the sun so I'm straight up on the top deck to catch the morning sun before the baking temperatures turn up the heat. Keep your eyes peeled for the Fethiye to Rhodes Hydrofoil as it passed our small Çalış Boat, seeing that super speed vessel made me want to get to Greece! My branch of the family had planned to go for a Turkish Bath but we postponed that for a Big Fat Turkish Boat Trip! I won't lie I did feel like Rio when she dances in the sand, just picture the Duran Duran music video! 

Çalış Boat Trip . . . Set Sail Today!We made our first stop close to Aquamarine Bay, by this time the midday heat drew us all closer to the ocean blue. This bay was perfect, the water felt just right and their was a little pebble beach which I swam over to, I did feel like a Bond Girl swimming to the deserted cove but I didn't see my 007! If you have never been to Turkey I suggest you seriously reconsider because its Çok Güzel! 

If you like fishing as much as my Uncle Fudge then you'll be in for a surprise! The waters surrounding Fethiye are home to some interesting fish, some of which have to be handled carefully because they are poisonous! Anyway, its time to keep moving or should I say keep on sailing! Going on a private Çalış Boat Trip doesn't have to break the bank, we had eleven people on the boat and it worked out a £35.00 per family. Drinks aren't included but its advisable to keep hydrated so sticking to water keeps the bill down. 

Çalış Boat Trip . . . Set Sail Today!A sailor needs his grub so its a good job that our boat put on a great spread of freshly cooked food, which included; salads, kofte, rice and much more. Our food was served during our second stop of the day. To conclude our more than filing banquet we had a sumptuous fresh fruit platter to complete our barbeque meal. As the day pushed on it was time for us to move to another port of call, this penultimate stop was called Rabbit Island, visibly in the shape of a rabbit. The water here is very shallow so its more of a swimming stop with no jumping or stunts into the water. If you keep your eyes peeled you shall see some cute fluffy rabbits going about their business. If you fancy trying the latest beauty treatment, take a few steps onto the island where you shall find a sulfur mud-bath that makes your skin feel rejuvenated and refreshed!  

As the afternoon draws to a close its time for the final swim in the ocean blue, Sovalye Island is the final stop of the day where I enjoyed a final swim in the sea before enjoying some tea and cakes. Çalış Boat Trips never get boring for me, nothing beats final part of the day as the sun relaxes after a long day out at sea.

Joseph Harrison

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