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Calls for Gantz to Waive Rotation Rights Increase

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Recently the Likud has called on Minister Benny Gantz to waive the rotation agreement that would have him as Prime Minister late next year. For the good of the country. The Likud said that if Gantz gives up on the rotation, we can easily see this government serving its full term of 4.5 years.
Today Shas is joining the call. Deputy Minister Itzik Cohen also called for Gantz to give up the rotation agreement. Cohen said Gantz is a patriot and cares about the State of Israel, and by waiving the rotation the budget can get passed for the good of Israel.
I don't get it. What are they offering Gantz to waive his rotation agreement? Just give up the rotation and let Netanyahu be PM for the full term with nothing in return? Why should he agree to this? If you think you can convince him to give up the rotation, offer him something valuable in exchange. Gantz is only part of the government because of the rotation agreement. If they pressure him to give up the rotation, especially with nothing but "the good of the country" in return, he has no reason to stay in the government. That would of course mean new elections, as Gantz leaving the government after waiving his rights to the rotation would dissolve the coalition. I guess they are banking on Gantz waiving his rights but staying in the coalition, which makes no sense to me.
Perhaps Netanyahu should also be equally pressured to resign, or to honor the rotation and other agreements, for the vague "good of the country". Or maybe he should be pressured to pass the budget and not hold it hostage as a pressure point against Gantz.
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