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Call the Fire Department! Err…Maybe Not.

Posted on the 25 September 2014 by Jezebel282
It's Only Taxes. Let 'Em Burn!

It’s Only Taxes. Let It Burn!

Fire chief reports another rating upgrade; new truck

By Greg Reilly on September 25, 2014

“…The department is acquiring a brand new Seagrave Aerialscope II 95-foot Tower Ladder truck, with a price tag of approximately $1.1 million…” http://www.stratfordstar.com/28845/fire-chief-reports-another-rating-upgrade-new-truck/

Only last week it was announced that, “…acquiring two new trucks with a combined cost over $1 million, acquiring new breathing apparatus with a cost of roughly $300,000…” http://www.stratfordstar.com/28510/town-improves-fire-rating-property-owners-may-save/

Umm, does anyone else notice that all that adds up to $2.4 MILLION on top of the FD’s $12 MILLION/year budget (not including overtime)? What happen to the FD Boat anyway? Haven’t seen that little expensive toy lately. How many times in the last, oh say, 375 years had we had to call for the assistance of a 95 foot tower ladder?

How many times can Harkins sell the WPCA to cover this? But wait! We homeowners are in luck! We may save up to $50 a year. “…Property owners are encouraged to check with their insurance agents or companies to see how the improved town rating might affect their insurance premiums…Savings of approximately $50 per year is not unrealistic, according to the mayor’s office, depending upon the rating system used by the resident’s homeowners insurance company and the value of the property insured.” $50? A year? (Note: don’t bother. Unless they just put a fire hydrant outside your front door, your insurance company doesn’t care).

Something’s burning out of control. That’s for sure.

And lest we forget; remember the big deal Harkins closed? You remember, the one where he gave up valuable Stratford land to the City of Bridgeport? He told us we would benefit because Main Street wouldn’t flood anymore. It would be raised!

He didn’t mention it would only be raised 12 inches and still flood did he?

“…Flooding on the section of Main Street/Route 113 near the end of the runways at Sikorsky Airport may occur less often and may drain away faster after the road is rebuilt as part of the airport improvement project now underway, but, according to the project engineer, “it will still flood….The new road will be about one foot higher in elevation than the section that will be replaced.” http://www.stratfordstar.com/28841/main-street-will-still-flood-after-airport-construction-project/

And then, for our own safety, Main Street will be closed because it’s too dangerous to even drive by the disturbed ground. Wonderful! Heckuva job, Johnny!

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