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California: Mansions on the Moon

Posted on the 27 January 2014 by Outroversion @outroversion


Mansions on the moon

Word on the street is these Californians are the ‘future of music’, I know this because I was so intrigued after hearing them just once I had to find out more. They have something about them, something that in the future a lot of people are going to want to be a part of.

The difficult thing is, the first half of this song is intriguing for sure but it’s the second half when things get ultimately palatable and that’s when a female vocalist, Codi Caraco from Miley Cyrus’ older sister’s band Frank and Derol, chirps up and the dreamlike textures drape over her candied tones. Thing is though, she isn’t in the band it’s just a guest appearance. I haven’t heard anything else from them yet but I am sure there’s something huge there even without the chick.

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