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Caliente – A New Non Alcoholic ‘Happy’ Drink Now in India

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Caliente – A New Non Alcoholic ‘Happy’ Drink now in India

Caliente – A New Non Alcoholic ‘Happy’ Drink now in India

pawansoni June 5, 2017 0 comments 202 view

Caliente – A New Non Alcoholic ‘Happy’ Drink now in India
Have you ever wondered why alcohol is such an important part of most celebrations and nightlife? That too, when almost no one has ever enjoyed the first sip of any of the alcohol. The answer is simple, alcohol gives us a high and makes us break the facade in which we all live in. Don’t you at times wish there was a drink that gives you the same ‘happy’ effect without the ill effects of alcohol. Finally our wishes are answered. Caliente a Swedish brand, which is also available in Denmark, Norway, UAE & China has now launched its products in India.

Caliente – A New Non Alcoholic ‘Happy’ Drink now in India
Caliente is the new drink to hit the market that has a unique chili which helps release endorphins in the body that make you happy or create a feeling of happiness. I met this young sole importer & distributor, Anupam Agarwal, who introduced me to the product a few months ago and got me all excited. An MBA from SP Jain, Mumbai, Anupam says, “The chili used is South American chili that releases happy endorphins. The flavours have different heat value (strength) to suit different taste buds. For example, Lime Ginger has more chili heat (potency) compared to Blueberry Lemongrass”.

Even the flavours are unique and would be loved by most people in the first sip itself. Given the flavors are a mix of fruits and herbs in the drink with a hint of chili, the fresh fruit flavor hits the palette first, followed with delicate herbs and ending with a hint of chili that perfectly balances the drink. Since it’s not too sweet, it can certainly be paired with food just like wine.

Caliente – A New Non Alcoholic ‘Happy’ Drink now in India
If you have always been a teetotaler then you would anyway know how difficult it is to keep holding a glass of cola when your friends are getting high on multiple drinks at a bar. One can’t keep drinking colas or juices but Caliente is a light bodies refreshing drink which can easily keep you going throughout the evening. Not only that, one can keep it in the office too and drink it whenever you feel a bit low to uplift your mood. Caliente can be a refreshing chilled option unlike coffee or tea in our hot and humid climate.

Caliente is a phenomenon which will do good for the society too. No more drunk driving or being on the wrong side of the law. You can easily enjoy the happy feeling without the fear of being caught or causing any ill effects to your health.

It’s not only going to get fashionable or trendy to hold a glass of Caliente but thankfully, unlike wines, more people will get on to it because of its flavours and taste.

Who doesn’t want to be happy?  Happiness is now just a bottle away.


Like beer, just one bottle of Caliente will do no wonders. Depending on your body metabolism, drink 2-3 pints to see the effect.

Variants Available: Lime Ginger, Blueberry Lemon Grass, Cranberry Pomegranate. Soon Launching – Plum Rosemary

MRP: Rs275 per pint

Available in: Caliente is already available at premium retail stores like Food Hall, Le Marche, Needs supermarket etc in Mumbai & Delhi market and will soon be available in other cities.

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