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Cake for Valentine Day

By Aaidjs @aaidjs
Cake for Valentine Day
Two weeks more and we will celebrate St.Valentine Day.
If you are ready to make even more happier your beloved bake this cake.
Cake for Valentine DayINTEGRATES:
  1. 3 big eggs
  2. 8 tbs almonds cut in not to small peaces
  3. 2 tbs flour
  4. juice and peel 1 orange
  5. 2 tbs melt dark chocolate
  6. 6 tbs sugar
  7. baking powder
  8. vanilla sugar
  9. sea salt/just a little bit/
integrates for cream:
  1. 1 lit milk low fat
  2. 6 tbs flour
  3. 2 big eggs
  4. 2 tbs cacao powder
  5. 10 tbs sugar
  6. 8 tbs butter
  7. 20 tbs almond in small peaces
  8. 8 tbs sugar powder
  9. lemon juice
Cake for Valentine Dayand 1 glass sweeten lemon juice+ white foam low fat for decoration
Cake for Valentine Day Preparation:
  1. split white-egg and yellow egg
  2. mix white-egg well with little sea salt/eggs must be at room temperature/
  3. in separate pot mix yellow-eggs with sugar and orange peel+juice
  4. add almond + melt dark chocolate
  5. now add flour with baking powder
  6. mix it slow about2-3 min.
  7. start whit adding white snow and vanilla sugar
  8. i recommend to mix white egg snow with your hand,easy and slow.
  9. bake it modl heart shape in preheat oven at 170 Celsius 35 min.

Cake for Valentine Day
Cream preparation:
First cook pudding with milk,eggs,sugar,flour and cacao powder.
In cold pudding add well mixed batter and powder sugar.
On the end add almond small cut!
Biscuit wet with sweeten lemon juice,add cream and at the end white snow!
decorate with little red hearts or flowers..up to you!
Cake for Valentine Day

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