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Caged Jesus Used to Protest Trump’s Family Separation Policy

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Caged Jesus used to protest Trump’s family separation policy
An Indianapolis church has erected a display of Mary, Joseph and Jesus in a cage on their front lawn to protest the Trump’s administration family separation policy at the border.

Holy Family #Detention: Indy's @CCCathedralIndy puts Joseph, Mary & Jesus inside a fence on its lawn. When asked how long the display will remain, Dean @Steve_Carlsen said "My greatest hope would be that we, our nation, will search its heart & say this is not who we want to be." pic.twitter.com/AgcOZv4xSz

— Michael R. Hartz (@MikeThePhotog) July 3, 2018

over the last couple of weeks, news outlets have shown footage of children in cages at Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention centers.

Via BuzzFeed

“When I read the stories of the Holy Family in scripture, they were in the middle of some pretty heated things,” Dean Stephen Carlsen told RTV6. “They had to flee for asylum in Egypt. … The powers of the day were threatening and indeed killing people in Jesus’s day. They were a homeless family with nowhere to stay. I think our faith tells us where we need to be.”

“The fact that it’s controversial isn’t because I want to be controversial,” the dean continued. “What’s controversial is that we are turning away from the values that should be guiding us. The point of a religious icon is to move our hearts, and if at first people are upset by it, that might just be God trying to move their heart. And I hope their hearts soften.”

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