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Cadbury Screme Egg Pots of Joy with Green Goooo

By Kev A @kevvieguy
cadbury screme egg pots of joy green goooo
When I first saw these new Screme Egg Pots of Joy I wasn't going to bother trying them...I assumed they'd just be sugar bombs, considering how sweet an actual Screme Egg is. But in the name of Snacks Research I have relented (Asda's offer of £1 a pack may have had something to do with it!)
cadbury screme egg pots of joy
These are limited edition for the Halloween period, and are described as "smooth and creamy dessert made with melted Cadbury milk chocolate with a fondant layer". They're not vegetarian friendly unfortunately, but they are gluten free. There's 164 calories per pot, 7.6g fat, 21.4g carbohydrates and 2.4g protein.
cadbury screme egg pots of joy
Opening the lid of one, I found the dessert had spoldged into one side of the pot.
cadbury screme egg pots of joy
Taking a spoonful, there was a layer of pale green fondant above a white dessert layer. These are definitely not scary at all...I was expecting a luminous, slime green colour!
screme egg pots of joy green goooo
They tasted delicious...I'm not sure if the white layer is meant to be fondant or a milky dessert, but it was very creamy as well as sweet, almost tasting of white chocolate. The green layer didn't taste of anything but it added some extra sweetness, with the chocolatey top layer rounding things off nicely. I actually loved these...they're a nice mix of creamy, chocolatey and pure sweet. However the lack of bright green "Goooo" disappointed me. I suppose company's aren't allowed to use artificial flavourings nowadays, so I'll let them off with that.
Overall, these are some seriously yummy Halloween themed desserts, I'd highly recommend them for a sweet treat. What I'd like to see though is something more flavoursome like Bood that would be amazing!
8.5 out of 10.

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