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Cachao: Uno Mas

Posted on the 04 October 2011 by Kaiser31083 @andythemovieguy
Cachao: Uno MasIsrael 'Cachao' López was an Afro-Cuban jazz musician who's influence was so great he has been called the Latin Louis Armstrong. In this documentary, we learn of Cachao's life through family and friends, as well as interviews with the man himself, shortly before his passing in 2008. The film sort of plays like Cachao's music, free flowing and unstructured, as we hear musings on the man's musical stylings and cut away to a recent concert in San Francisco. Cachao's life was incredible to say the least. Born into a musical family and trained in the classics, he developed an improvisational style that caught fir in his native land. Fleeing the country when Castro took power, Cachao found both success and then hardship in America until he was rediscovered late in his career thanks to actor/musician and fellow countryman Andy Garcia, who is featured prominently in the film as well. "Cachao: Uno Mas" is a loving portrait of an immensely gifted musician who also comes off as a genuine person.

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