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Cablegate - Julian Assange "didn't Want to Expose Israel"

Posted on the 11 July 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
a new book INSIDE JULIAN ASSANGE'S WAR ON SECRECY written by David Leigh and Luke Harding (who helped Assange drip-feed the Iraq War Cables to the mainstream media) appears to suggest that damning embassy memos exposing both Israel and America were held back from the initial phase of Cablegate releases.
And you thought WIKILEAKS was all about "Truth and nothing but the (unexpurgated) truth," but it turns out this Chess Game may me a little more subtle than that, a little more PERSONAL. Asasange didn't want WIKILEAKS to be obsessed with the USA. He didn't want WIKILEAKS to be obsessed with Israel. In this initial phase of cable releases. Why?
It's an interesting editorial tack BUT it lends complicity to the idea that ISRAEL shouldn't be exposed, America shouldn't be exposed, yet. Why not? What's Israel got to do with the Great Big Global exposure of the machinations of Corporate Global Government? And will it all end up being tied into News Corporation (and the other five major mainstream media conglomerates) and the DELIBERATELY TAKING HOSTAGE of truth, liberty and justice in the name of Corporate Ego?
Did THE CORPORATION GAME suddenly become more important than life itself? Did you all forget that FINANCE is an invention of the mind, a mere numbers game with ridiculous arbitrary rules?
"Garbage In, Garbage Out," being the finance game's driving narrative, as expertly illustrated by FannyMay and FreddieMac, as expertly illustrated by a TWO HUNDRED TRILLION DOLLAR derivatives black hole?
And it's not just AIPAC - let's not forget the prominence of the Israel Lobby in UK Politics, while we're here. "Too big to fail," still?

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