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Cabbage Thepla Recipe,How To Make Cabbage Paratha

By Anjana Chaturvedi @maayeka

Cabbage Thepla- a delicious healthy flatbread made with grated cabbage ,spices and flour.

Cabbage thepla is a very healthy and delicious thepla recipes. During winter we normally prefer making stuffed or vegetable parathas . These parathas can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner any time of the day. Making stuffed paratha's need some time to make but these vegetable thepla are quick and easier .

We can make thepla with so many leafy vegetable and other vegetables. I personally like methi thepla ,mooli thepla and these cabbage thepla's. They taste great with tea, pickle ,curd or any tangy curry of your choice. These thepla's can also be packed in lunch boxes as they remain soft and fresh for the whole day.

How To Make Cabbage Thepla-

For making cabbage thepla choose fresh and firm cabbage . Then either finely grate cabbage with a vegetable grater or make medium size pieces and chop in the vegetable chopper. Then add 1/2 tsp salt in the grated cabbage ,cover with a a lid and keep aside for 1/2 hour . The cabbage will release the extra moisture by applying salt. Then squeeze cabbage to remove the extra moisture, collect the water released by cabbage in a bowl, we will use it to knead the dough.

By following this step you can add more grated cabbage in the flour as it shrink in volume by squeezing and the dough will not become sticky and hard to roll. You can skip this step but then the dough may soon become more softer and difficult to roll because then the cabbage will release its extra moisture in the dough.

After making dough make small balls from the dough and roll into medium size thin parathas. First dry roast from both the sides on medium hot tawa and then apply oil or ghee and roast from both the sides till golden spots appears on the thepla. Serve hot with chutney ,pickle ,chai or any curry of your choice.

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Cabbage Thepla Recipe,How To Make Cabbage Paratha
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Cabbage Thepla ,Cabbage Paratha

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