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Bypassing Windows Xp Serial Key When Installing

Posted on the 14 July 2022 by Babanature @proudlyonenaija


Hey guyz! If you haven’t read my post on CONVERTING FAT32 TO NTFS FILE SYSTEM WITHOUT LOSSING YOUR DATA you should read it now by following the link. Now let’s move on…

Many people today still use windows xp as their operating system. Windows xp is among the best operating system from Microsoft (if you will agree with me). You must have known that the Serial of windows vista doesn’t have to be entered during installation. However windows XP still requires it and it’s annoying! However this tutorial will show you a simple step of bypassing this serial stuff.


* Pen Driver OR An empty CD (for your key finder)

* Windows XP installation


The preparing should be done on another computer or the same computer but with an OS installed.

Download keyfinder.exe from Google

After downloading, you should put it on the Pen Drive or burn it to an empty cd.


Start the installation as normal, Boot from the cd…

Formatting… rebooting… Now keep doing everything normal until it has rebooted

Now we’ve gotten into the part where you have to fill in the CD key. When you reached the point of entering the CD key:  Press “SHIFT + F10

A command prompt should open. Insert your Pen Drive or CD containing keyfinder.exe. In the command prompt, enter the following command:  “fsutil fsinfo drives” (without quote)

This should show a list of drive letters. Now if it’s right the Pen Drive should have drive letter F or E and a cd D or E.

Execute the following command to see the files on the Pen Drive or CD: dir D:

However replace “D” with your drive letter. If you selected the correct drive it should now show a list of files. keyfinder.exe should be there.

To execute keyfinder.exe:

Start D:keyfinder.exe

This tool should show the CD key you need. Enter it and press continue

And you have successfully completed bypassing your serial key of your windows xp installation

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