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Bye Bye Trimester 2

By Chaayen
Sigh, Trimester 2 is either nearly over or officially over. I am quite embarrassed to say that I am rather confused with the duration of Trimester 2. Apparently, each trimester doesn't work on a 3 months basis and some trimester have more weeks than the others. So far, I am loving this trimester and it is truly a honeymoon period.
9 Changes in Trimester 2  
Bye Bye Trimester 2
1. I have a surge in energy. 
This might be my favorite part of Trimester 2. My energy came back. In fact, my energy level was higher than before. If you noticed, this quarter had a record high number of posts. We were either working or pushing for some work to be done. I am so proud of this little one, it is bringing out the best in me! We even managed to quite a bit pregnancy administrative matter done. 
2. Bye Bye Morning Sickness!
This was awesome too. I finally could eat what I want. The portions I ate also seemed to be increasing >.< Darn. It took a while but we managed to overcome his fear of mushrooms. He grew a love for pastries and toast bread (our staple for breakfast now) and he is a huge fan of noodles like his father and has a sweet tooth like me <3
3. The pregnancy has stablised. 
Phew! The first trimester was a true nightmare for me. I felt anything that could go wrong would go wrong. I definitely felt a lot more confident at the second trimester. Everything has been going rather well and hence we could also let people know about his existence. Nobody actually saw me since lock down so I could totally secretly give birth to him if I wanted hehe. Bye Bye Trimester 2
Haul from my first ever live-bid. It was super addictive. I ended up spending about $60++ on "baby's toys and towels".  Thanks Toys Empire for offering free delivery! We might do a giveaway later in the year cos he doesn't need that many giant toys and not all will be used as photo props! 
4. We can feel him bouncing around. 
At the earliest stages, I could already sense him (I think). I just can't be sure if it is the gases rolling about or the baby itself. For the longest time, the hubs said I was just imagining things. But no, even the Hubs could feel him. He is quite a bit of tease and loves to play. If you tap on the area he kicks, he will return a punch/ kick. 
5. Mummy brain occurs sometimes. 
This could possibly be my worse fear. Fortunately, for me it only affects me sometimes. I just get a bit more careless, distracted and occassionally forgetful. But, it is not very frequent so I am still alright for now. What I realize is that, mommy brain is generally due to discomfort. If I am having aches etc., our performance falls. Otherwise, with 2 brains I can even outperform myself. 
6. I am obsessed with my tummy (and belly button).
In the first trimester, it was barely there so I would always be straightening myself as if to show the world there is something in me. It is definitely visible in Trimester 2 and growing bigger by the day. And yes, it is now big enough to be a portable table wherever I go. I was also initially afraid the my belly button would pop out. But guess what, you can't stop nature. The day it popped out, I stopped trying to push it in. Lol!
Bye Bye Trimester 2
7. I am starting to constipate!
This is truly my most hated part of pregnancy - constipation! Seriously, FML! I couldn't poop for days. I tried different remedies - prune juice, yakult, banana. Nothing really works or it works for a while and my body grew immune. Eventually, I had to beg my doctor for medicine that could have been the best decision I made for myself. At least I can function again!
8. Baby has a name! 
This seems really early. But the hubs family didn't really have a family middle name to follow and we don't really believe in the fortune-telling. So we decided to name him ourselves. Honestly, I didn't expect to named him that quickly. But I saw a word on a Chinese variety show and like it quite a bit. Hubs just picked the other word. And viola, baby has a name. 
9. We have started including baby in our plans. 
We are going through the "adulting" stage soon (*new major series alert*) and have included baby in our plans. This means a lot of shopping (for me) and re-planning for the future. Also, we started talking about how we intend to parent the child and his primary caregiver. We are truly very excited for his arrival and can't wait to launch the new series. So please stay tune!

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